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Learn About Fayette Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy P.C.

When you need an ear, nose, and throat doctor for Western PA, come to Fayette Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy P.C. Since 2006, we have served the region with effective ear, nose, and throat services. You can trust Dr. Nadarajah and our team to provide you with the best allergy testing and chronic sinusitis treatment.

Plus, our practice also offers pediatric services if you have a child with ear, nose, and throat symptoms. Our specialties include sinus, allergy, hearing, voice, sleep, swallowing, dizziness, and balance disorders. Our office also provides the full spectrum of general and pediatric ENT services. We help all our patients feel better without surgery!

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Let Our Treatment Help Keep You Going

Allergy treatment depends on the severity of the allergies. The first step is for individuals to modify their environment, as particular irritants can be causing the problem. If that is not possible, patients receive allergy medication. Finally, the most severe allergy sufferers may need allergy shots.

Shots are beneficial because they change the way the body responds to allergens. After some time, the body is no longer over-reacting, and shots are unnecessary. Living without allergies is life-changing for individuals, particularly those who have been allergy sufferers for most of their lives.

Our Clinic Treats Allergy and Immunology Issues

Allergy and Immunology issues can cause tiredness, a stuffed-up nose, dry mouth, and sore throat. Upper respiratory infections can mimic the appearance of a constant cold, particularly in children. Even allergy medication and antibiotics may only treat upper respiratory problems temporarily.

Dr. Nadarajah of Fayette Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy P.C. performs thorough exams to determine allergy sufferers’ symptoms. A flexible endoscope detects pus and nasal polyps quickly and painlessly.

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